Meet the Director of Happiness

Primex Mortgage Corporation has announced the appointment of Robert (Bob) Sweredoski as corporate “Director of Happiness”.  In his new capacity, the Director of Happiness will oversee all aspects of client experiences in order to deliver maximum happiness to each end every client on each and every transaction.

Primex Mortgage Corporation believes that you will experience happiness by receiving the lowest possible interest rate and payment based on your transaction and profile.  In order to accomplish this, we have aligned ourselves with a network of the best and most competitive lenders in the industry so that we can offer you the best possible combination of interest rate, cost and payment.

Primex knows that you work hard for your money . . .  so we are very careful about how it gets spent.  You won’t see any broker fees from Primex, and your 0 point loan will never have an origination fee from Primex.  And if you are a veteran or government employee, we will refund the cost of your appraisal after your loan closes.

We know that you lead a busy life and have a lot of things to do . .  . so we place our 27 years of experience squarely between you and your lender . . . so that your application is properly framed, and so you spend as little time as possible on loan application paperwork.  We believe that you will be happier if you are not dealing with all of the minutia involved in the loan process.

And, once your loan is complete, we will stay with you.  We know that interest rate markets continue to fluctuate.  And we know that you have other things to do besides monitoring interest rates.  So we do that for you.  When we find that a lower rate and payment are available, and when we think that it would be in your best interests to consider a refinance . . . we will let you know.  Our clients have told us that this causes great happiness.

So think of the Director of Happiness as someone whose sole focus is getting you what you want . . . because getting what you want causes happiness.  Call us with your questions.  No call centers or long waits on hold.  We will remember you and know who you are, and, you will speak to an actual human. This too, will result in happiness.

Who else do you know . . . that has a Director of Happiness?