Life Goes On

Twenty years after Y2K, the lights are still on and the computers still function.   Not only that, twelve years after the great financial meltdown, housing prices have recovered, home ownership is on the rise, employment rates are at all time highs and the stock market continues to surge.  All this while interest rates hover near historic lows.

 The message is that the economic system in the U.S. is remarkably resilient.  No matter how we try to mess it up, we somehow find ways to repair the damage.

 The other message is that nothing lasts forever.  Economic events come and go. Economic activity surges, and then corrects, and then rises again.  So, whatever your plans may be, strike while the iron is hot.  When conditions are good, waiting for better conditions may not be to your advantage.

One More Thing . . . Your Privacy is Important to You . . .And to Us

Once each year, we are required to report our privacy policy to existing clients.  Our privacy policy has been the same since 1991.  In short, we treat your confidential information with the utmost respect.  We share only with people who need it in order to compete your transaction.  We never provide your information to list makers, internet marketers or anybody who does nor require it for the completion of your transaction.

 This is the official Primex privacy policy.

 During the course of providing mortgage services, it becomes necessary to collect non-public information that is provided to us by you or otherwise obtained by us with your authorization.

 We do not disclose any non public, personal information except as required or permitted by law and except as necessary for the successful completion of your mortgage transaction.  Some of these instances may include providing information to our employees and to third parties that require such information in order to provide necessary services to you.  In all such cases the information is provided on a need to know basis and the confidential nature of the information is stressed.

 We do not, have not and never will provide information to any party except as necessary for the successful completion of your transaction.  We retain records as required by law and maintain physical, electric and procedural safeguards that comply with our professional ethical standards.

 Thought you would like to know.