Everything Old . . . is New Again

In November of 1991, Primex opened it’s first office in Potomac, Maryland. The company relocated to Hubbard Drive in Rockville in 1997 and continued to serve it’s clients from that address through this past year. In December, Primex closed the Rockville office and returned to Potomac. You may have noticed the change on our web site (PrimexMortgage.com) or in our email communications.

So now our old address, is our new address.

What hasn’t changed is that we will continue to provide our friends and clients with exceptional mortgage services just as we have over the past 27 years.

What else has changed? Marie and I took the money from the sale of our Rockville office and invested it in a future home in the seaside community of San Clemente, California. San Clemente is the southernmost city of Orange County CA. and is known for it’s ocean, hill and mountain views and it’s Spanish, colonial-style architecture. The slogan for the city is “Spanish Village by the Sea”.

What hasn’t changed? For at least the next couple of years, we will be here in Potomac and available to help with all of your mortgage needs, just as we have in the past. We want you to know that we still have the capabilities and great lender connections that we have had in the past. And we continue to evaluate and add lenders when we find that they can add value for our clients. The fact is, because of advances in technology and improvements to the loan processes over the past several years, we are closing loans faster, and with less effort on the part of our clients than ever before.
So when you have a question, or just want to explore, call your friends at Primex at 301 468-5600. We will know who you are, and your call will always be welcome.

So at the beginning of this new year, Marie and I would like to extend our very best wishes to each of you for an exciting and prosperous new year.