Every Picture Tells a Story

But the story can change, sometimes dramatically, depending on how the picture is drawn.

  • A snowstorm could be a freezing blizzard or a winter wonderland.
  • A diamond . . . a shiny rock or a precious jewel.
  • A luxury cruise ship could be called a boat, when it is so much more

At Primex, we’re in the business of painting a picture that tells YOUR story . . . in the best possible way.  We take your application, and package it, so it’s presented in the best possible light so you always have access to the best terms available for your set of circumstances.  We make sure that the person who is doing the underwriting on your application file understands your picture completely . . . and if for some reason we don’t think they do, we talk to them so there is never a chance for a misunderstanding.

We know that you’re busy and have a lot of other things to do . . so we place our 27 years of experience squarely between you and your lender . . . so that your application is properly framed, and so you spend as little time as possible on loan application paperwork.  We do this so you will have time for all those other things.

It’s possible that this could happen with one of the big mortgage mills, but I would bet against it.  With thousands of people manning call centers worldwide, the chances that your file will receive the individualized attention that it deserves . . .  that you deserve . . .  are slim. The sheer numbers reduce your file to a transaction, and you will know that when you speak to someone from a call center.

You have the right to expect more . . . and at Primex, we make it our business to see that you get more.  Believe in better . . . because you can have better.

So when you have a question about your mortgage, or just want to explore, Primex is ready, willing and able to be your guide.  Call your friend in the mortgage business.  Your call is always welcome at Primex.