Life Goes On

Twenty years after Y2K, the lights are still on and the computers still function.   Not only that, twelve years after the great financial meltdown, housing prices have recovered, home ownership is on the rise, employment rates are at all time highs and the stock market continues to surge.  All this while interest rates hover near… [Read More]

“Buy the rumor . . . sell the news”

Last month, the Federal Reserve Open Market Committee reduced the Federal Funds rate by .25%.  Mortgage interest rates increased by about .125% following the Fed announcement. What’s up with that?  Why would mortgage rates rise in the face of the Fed’s softening of interest rates? Mortgage interest rates are largely determined by bond traders in… [Read More]

Who Wudda Thunk It?

Mortgage interest rates are testing the low points that we last saw in 2016.  In spite of an economy that, by nearly every practical measure seems to be surging, (low unemployment, rising wages, spending up) interest rates seem to have fallen to a level  that almost nobody saw coming.  Below is an excerpt from the… [Read More]


Over the past 10 years or so, the narrow spread between the interest rates on fixed-rate mortgages and adjustable rate mortgages with a fixed-rate period, made fixed-rate loans the product of choice. Recently, this has started to change, and people are noticing.  Adjustable rate mortgages with a fixed period of 3, 5, 7 or 10… [Read More]


Senators, airline pilots, firefighters, software engineers, university president(s), project managers, diplomats, authors, fighter pilots, national news correspondents, judges, teachers, corporate presidents, attorneys and law firm partners, branch chiefs, scientists, general managers, technical managers, portfolio managers, doctors and nurses, researchers, CPA’s, financial planners and accountants, professors, bureau chiefs, head(s) of surgery, engineers, directors, managers, controllers …… [Read More]


After three years of consistent, persistent, unrelenting and depressing interest rate increases, the market seems to have reversed itself. Since November of last year, the Fannie Mae 30 year fixed loan rate has decreased by more than .5%. What was being quoted at 4.54% in November, is being quoted at 3.875% as of this writing…. [Read More]


1. Fraudulent wire transfer schemes are becoming a huge problem. They are real, they are on the rise and they are accelerating in frequency and sophistication. This is how it works for anybody who is bringing cash to a real estate settlement.  You would receive an email from someone who looks like the lender, the… [Read More]

A Window Has Opened

You probably know that interest rates for home mortgages have been steadily increasing over the course of the past two years.  During that period, the Federal Reserve has announced incremental interest rate increases at nearly every meeting. At the most recent meeting in late January, the Open Market Committee signaled a pause in interest rate… [Read More]

Everything Old . . . is New Again

In November of 1991, Primex opened it’s first office in Potomac, Maryland. The company relocated to Hubbard Drive in Rockville in 1997 and continued to serve it’s clients from that address through this past year. In December, Primex closed the Rockville office and returned to Potomac. You may have noticed the change on our web… [Read More]

You Guys Are The Best

I was at home with my wife Marie, slowly recovering from the long holiday weekend.  Marie was surfing the internet, (probably in preparation for Cyber Monday) and I was taking in a football game.  During a break in the action, Marie typed the company name, Primex Mortgage Corporation, into a browser and found herself at… [Read More]