On Wednesday, June 13, the Federal Reserve increased the Fed’s benchmark interest rate for the second time this year, and for the seventh time in the last two years.  The Fed also signaled that they expect two more rate hikes before the end of the year. The New York Times reports “The Fed’s optimism about… [Read More]

What’s up with Housing Prices?

Many would agree that it’s reasonable to expect home prices to rise with the rate of inflation, and historically, (by historically I mean pre-1960) that was a reasonable expectation. Except that in the 60’s second household earners began entering the work force in large numbers.  Single income households became two income households causing total household… [Read More]

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3 Things You Should Know before You Start Working with Primex Mortgage Calculator for Gaithersburg, Bethesda, Rockville, Silver Spring, DC, Alexandria and Surrounding Homes

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